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Get Started Slow

Get Healthy! And make it last!

The Tortoise wins the race! A slow and steady pace wins the race! You can do this but get started slowly!

“Where do I begin?” “How do I go from unhealthy to becoming healthy?”

I have had a lot of questions lately about “going healthy” to become healthy and the paradigm shift that is required for someone to get started. It seems overwhelming to many people and rather than getting started in the right direction, it seems easier just to forget it and continue the same bad habits.

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Using Antibacterial soap? Think Again

Minnesota has just banned 2,000 products that contain the chemical Triclosan. Congratulations Minnesota! Unfortunately, the law in Minnesota does not go into effect until 2017. This chemical has been shown to cause hormonal imbalances in animals which means it is probably doing the same to us.

In December 2013 the FDA asked the manufactures to show evidence that these soaps reduce infections. In fact, none of the manufacturers have shown any convincing evidence that antibacterial or antimicrobial soap is more effective in reducing infections than washing with regular soap and water. In addition, Triclosan has been shown to increase bacterial resistance and may indeed lead to more serious infections because it kills the healthy bacteria on our skin.
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Are you doing the nasty?

The Nasty List: A list of food additives and altered foods to avoid.
Are you doing the nasty? I developed The Nasty List, a list of food additives and altered foods to avoid, as a result of repeated requests from many of my patients. Please share this blog with your friends and family so that they can benefit from this knowledge and begin to make healthy choices as well.
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Smoking Can Harm Your Sex Life

We all have heard of the bad effects of smoking. It will lead to early death, the average pack a day smoker will die 11 years earlier than a non-smoker, but did you that smoking can harm your sex life. If you smoke you are harming your sexual performance! Studies in Great Britain and elsewhere have linked smoking to sexual dysfunction especially in the young. Sexual enjoyment is an important part of life. Young men for the most part are unaware that smoking will harm their sexual performance. We already know that smoking will make you look older and cause you to lose more hair. Adding this new knowledge about erectile dysfunction means you will look old, lose hair and be unable perform sexually. That’s a combination you want to avoid.
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Not getting enough sleep?

Not getting enough sleep may damage your brain.

We are all busy people and often sleep comes second to everything else we have to and want to do. What you don’t know is that those few hours of sleep we sacrifice to get those final reports done or to watch our favorite show on Netflix in an all-night marathon, is actually damaging our brain.
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