About Dr. Goertz MD

Dr. Brian Goertz was born in Canada and has lived and worked in the Seattle area since 1989. He graduated from Medical School at the University of Saskatchewan. Dr. Goertz is actively involved in a variety of business and investment interests.

Dr. Goertz retired from his active practice of direct patient care in September, 2018. His current medical interests are focused on what he learned in over 35 years of caring for patients, primarily the differences of health related to lifestyle and dietary habits.

Challenging current accepted assumptions and popular beliefs about healthy foods has been an enlightening endeavor for him and he enjoys sharing his well-researched findings here for the betterment of everyone’s health.


  • MD cum laude University of Saskatchewan, Canada
  • BSc cum laude University of Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Board certified by ABHRS
  • Board certified CCFP