About Dr. Goertz MD

Hello, my name is Dr. Brian Goertz. I am a Medical Doctor and Board Certified Hair Transplant Surgeon. In over 30 years of caring for patients, I discovered differences in their health related to their lifestyle and dietary habits. After researching the scientific evidence behind what most people considered “healthy”, I discovered that what I found challenged the assumptions and popular beliefs about what is healthy and what is not.
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I graduated from the University of Saskatchewan, in Saskatoon Canada in 1979 with my MD cum laude. I also earned my Bachelor of Science Degree cum laude as well.

  • MD cum laude 1979 University of Saskatchewan, Canada
  • BSc cum laude 1977 University of Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Board certified by ABHRS 1997
  • Board certified CCFP 1989

About Dr. Goertz MD:

I started out practicing primary care medicine in Canada for 7 years before moving to the Pacific Northwest in 1989.

My favorite charity is Medical Teams International, an organization committed to non-profit disaster relief. Helping people in need in the US and around the world.

Learn more about Dr. Brian Goertz and his practice at www.HairTransplantSeattle.com/.