Dr. Brian Goertz MD

Brian Goertz MD

Good health and longevity are within your grasp. You are your best primary care provider. Here are the tools to help you achieve a healthier life.
– Brian Goertz MD

Brian Goertz MD

Dr. Brian Goertz is a Board Certified physician and surgeon. In over 30 years of caring for his patients he discovered differences in their health related to their lifestyle and dietary habits. After researching the scientific evidence behind what most people considered “healthy”, he discovered that what he found challenged the assumptions and popular beliefs about what is healthy and what is not. Find out more and how you can apply these simple findings to improve your health.

75 Additives and Chemicals you don’t want to eat!

Here is a list of 75 chemicals and additives to start avoiding now. It’s easy, just pin the link to your smart phone and refer to it when you are shopping. Don’t have a smart phone? Not to worry, just remember “If you can’t pronounce it don’t eat it!”

The Nasty List