Think Rate of New Cases of Covid-19 in USA is acceptable? Think Again

The rate of new cases of Covid-19 in the USA is unacceptable. It appears the reason is still the under-utilization of wearing masks in public is to blame. One gets tired of the “what is the science behind masks?” We have not faced this kind of pandemic in the world since the Spanish Flu of the early 1900’s. This is new. What are other countries doing that we are not? Mask usage is ubiquitous in Japan, South Korea and Czech Republic. They all had more cases than the USA in early March, 2020. Over the last 14 days USA has added 301,801 new cases of Coronavirus, Japan, South Korea and Czech Republic have added 1,644 new cases. Together they have more than half our population. Ask the question? What are they doing that we are not doing. Don’t get paralyzed with the “Science” embrace habits that give great results.

Early on mask usage was discouraged in the USA as health officials wanted to save masks for healthcare workers. If we had all worn masks, facial coverings early we would have saved many including our front-line healthcare workers.

As we get back to work, we know more. Those under the age of 40 and healthy are much less at risk from dying from Covid-19 than those over age 60 and especially the elderly with comorbid disease. Many younger people get the disease and show no symptoms and therefore can pass it on to those at risk.

My thoughts: If you are under 40 and healthy, it is reasonable to get back to work as long as you maintain social distancing and wear a mask, especially around those at risk.