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Just say no to bread on Drugs!

Dave’s Killer Bread
I have been blogging a lot lately about all the unhealthy things added to our food. It gets a little depressing. I want to share something about food that is honest and wholesome: “Dave’s Killer Bread”. Dave after being released from prison used his skill to develop great tasting, organic, drug free bread. The tagline is, “Just say no to bread on Drugs”. Here is their list of good, healthy, wholesome ingredients.
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Bread and Fire extinguishers have what in common?

Generally, you would think they do not have anything in common.

Azodicarbonamide, a foaming agent used to make exercise mats and make fire extinguishers more effective is also used in the buns and breads in many grocery stores and fast food establishments. It is a chemical banned in most countries in Europe, Australia and many eastern countries. It is not food. Sure it makes buns fluffier but at what cost to your health? It has been shown to worsen asthma like symptoms. The potential harmful effects of chemicals like Azodicarbonamide generally cannot be felt immediately but may have a cumulative effect on your health over time.
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