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Eating fresh from the deli? Think again!

If you are like the rest of the thousands of people who grab lunch or dinner every day from the local deli, you probably think you’re eating fresh healthy food. But are you?

In my daily practice of medicine, it became apparent to me that individuals who grabbed a deli sandwich every day or who consumed a lot of processed meats, seemed generally less healthy and were more likely to suffer from other health ailments such as high blood pressure, low thyroid, obesity, type 2 diabetes and even cancer. Those were my observations and what led me to dig deeper and look for evidence to support my suspicion that processed meats were not healthy.
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The Truth about Eggs and Cholesterol

Eggs are good for you… most of you! Learn the Truth about Eggs and Cholesterol!

Yes, eggs are good for you. It’s Easter and it is time to get over the guilt associated with consuming eggs. Current research shows the benefits of eggs, however when an authoritative organization like the American Heart Association perpetuates misinformation it makes it difficult for us to get to the truth.
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