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Bread and Fire extinguishers have what in common?

Generally, you would think they do not have anything in common.

Azodicarbonamide, a foaming agent used to make exercise mats and make fire extinguishers more effective is also used in the buns and breads in many grocery stores and fast food establishments. It is a chemical banned in most countries in Europe, Australia and many eastern countries. It is not food. Sure it makes buns fluffier but at what cost to your health? It has been shown to worsen asthma like symptoms. The potential harmful effects of chemicals like Azodicarbonamide generally cannot be felt immediately but may have a cumulative effect on your health over time.
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Are Hot Dogs healthy?

Ah hot dogsā€¦part of the American Dream. Part of what makes this great country even greater. Are Hot Dogs healthy? Unfortunately, we know that these tasty backyard barbeque bites are not the best for us in terms of our health. Hot dogs and other processed food (foods with a lot of preservatives in them) often contain unhealthy ingredients like sodium nitrite and so many other chemicals with names that are so long that they stop sounding like food ingredients.
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