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Fresh Fish or Fish Oil?

Are fish oil supplements as healthy for us as fish?
Fish oil supplements line the shelves of most grocery stores, Costco, Walmart and pharmacies. They are popular supplements and many of my patients take them. It is common knowledge that fish eaters live longer and have less heart disease and strokes than non-fish eaters. Medical studies support this claim. These facts have led to the assumption that the benefit from fish is the oil in the fish. Most of my patients that take fish oil supplements believe that taking fish oil supplements is as healthy as eating fish. Much of the medical community assumes this as well.
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Feed Fish to your kids? Think again!

Good Fish, Bad Fish

Generally, fish has been lauded as a smart choice for the health conscious individuals. Studies show that people who eat fish live longer than those who consume red meat, especially cured or smoked meats. As a rule, the oilier the fish the healthier; and choosing wild caught fish is a better choice than farmed fish.
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