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There are a lot of health blogs out there covering everything under the sun related to health. My intent with this blog is not to create more information for you to sift through but rather help to consolidate, simplify and clarify information which I feel will help you make better everyday choices for your health and your healthcare.

As a practicing hair transplant surgeon, I see patients who are concerned about their looks, hair, and health. Some of my patients look very healthy and some of them don’t, in spite of their claims that they follow healthy habits and healthy lifestyles. After researching the scientific evidence behind what most people considered “healthy”, I discovered that what I found challenged my assumptions and popular beliefs about what is healthy and what is not. I also became aware of the lack of transparency which makes it difficult for us as consumers to make choices that are not only best for our health but also for our healthcare.

We as consumers should be afforded transparency and be allowed to make informed choices about all aspects of our health and healthcare. Being informed about what is in our food, what health treatments options are available to us and the cost associated with those treatments is all a part of transparency.

This blog will address the transparency of both health and healthcare and share the knowledge I’ve gained so that you can adopt healthy habits, make healthy choices, and become healthier for doing so.