Six Toothpaste Brands that do not contain Triclosan

Many of you are already aware that Minnesota has banned the use of Triclosan in consumer products. The law takes effect in 2017. I recently wrote about the ban, showing the evidence of harm that anti-bacterial soaps cause (“Using Antibacterial soap? Think again!”).

Let’s talk toothpaste. What are you brushing your teeth with? Have a look at the ingredients, if it contains Triclosan, based on current evidence it is an ingredient to avoid. Colgate Total has been taking the most heat about it as an ingredient, but others are just as guilty. The FDA is taking another look at it and will announce change recommendations in the future but as yet have not issued any advice to dissuade consumers from using products with Triclosan.

However, the FDA says that there is no evidence that products containing Triclosan give any extra benefit over most products without Triclosan. One exception being that Triclosan in Colgate Total is effective in reducing gingivitis. That was 1997, this is 2014, the evidence is growing that it’s a bad ingredient. So, if you have gingivitis talk with your dentist about your best options for dealing with the problem. He will likely recommend something without Triclosan.

Most of us do not have gingivitis making the risk of harm outweigh Triclosan’s potential benefits.

For the evidence, see my previous blog post: “Using Antibacterial soap? Think again!

Here are six toothpaste brands that do not contain Triclosan:

  1. Toms of Maine Toothpaste
  2. Swanson’s Toothpaste
  3. Nature’s Gate
  4. Crest Toothpaste brands
  5. Jason’s Toothpaste
  6. Trader Joe’s Peppermint Toothpaste

Bottom Line: Avoid toothpaste with Triclosan and all other soaps and cosmetics that contain this unhealthy chemical.

Action Item: Please don’t stop brushing your teeth! All your friends and family will think more of you if you continue brushing your teeth regularly. Brush your teeth and gums lightly at least twice daily and make sure it is Triclosan free.

Do you have another Triclosan free toothpaste you’d like to recommend?

The FDA and CDC currently are not on the same page for hand washing instructions. They really need to talk. See hand washing guidelines from CDC at “Using Antibacterial soap? Think again!

Here is a link to what the FDA is up to: