Food and Libertarianism

What is a Libertarianism? defines a libertarian as a person who advocates liberty, especially with regard to thought or conduct. Telling individuals what to do in their personal lives is reprehensible to Libertarians and to me as well.

I am a food libertarian.

As a food libertarian I believe that all of us are at liberty to eat whatever we choose. In addition, with that power to choose we should understand our food (additives/preservatives). Even if we don’t choose healthy foods at least we are making an educated decision. I may not like it that people choose unhealthy foods, but it is their right. I do not like it that some still smoke, even though we know that it will shorten their lives by an average of 11 years, but it is an adults right to smoke.

Food manufacturers need to be transparent about the products sold to us. They should tell us how a food was processed, what has been added to it and honestly market the foods they are selling. We as consumers should be aware of the contents of our food. The FDA requires labeling on food products sold in grocery stores to contain a list of all the ingredients in each particular food item. Unfortunately, that is where it stops. There are a lot of ingredients on food labels. The label does not tell us that Potassium Sorbate can cause damage to our white blood cells. The labels do not say that processed meats are associated with higher death rates from all causes.

Even as a practicing physician, my medical school training did not inform me that many additives/preservatives in our food have been linked to health problems. Now that I know, I want to share the scientific research with you. Please review “The Nasty List” of foods and additives to avoid. We all want to be healthier and feel better. The nasty list is a good place to start.

As a developed wealthy nation, the life expectancy in the USA is leveling off while other developed nation’s life expectancy is increasing. We are currently the fattest nation on earth and other countries are catching up as we export our processed foods and habits around the world.

My challenge to you:
Be an Educated Food Libertarian! Look closely at the foods you eat. I will help educate you about food additives and preservatives. Pin/bookmark “The Nasty List” on your smartphone and refer to it often.

Remember, if you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it!

My promise to you:
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Happy healthy eating!

Dr. Brain Goertz MD