Smoking Can Harm Your Sex Life

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We all have heard of the bad effects of smoking. It will lead to early death, the average pack a day smoker will die 11 years earlier than a non-smoker, but did you that smoking can harm your sex life. If you smoke you are harming your sexual performance! Studies in Great Britain and elsewhere have linked smoking to sexual dysfunction especially in the young. Sexual enjoyment is an important part of life. Young men for the most part are unaware that smoking will harm their sexual performance. We already know that smoking will make you look older and cause you to lose more hair. Adding this new knowledge about erectile dysfunction means you will look old, lose hair and be unable perform sexually. That’s a combination you want to avoid.

Action Item:
– Talk to your doctor about quitting. What has worked for many of my patients is using a nicotine containing gum. Do not chew it, as it absorbs to fast and will make you feel shaky. Cut it into quarters and slip it between your gum and cheek. It will absorb over a 10 minute period. This will lower your nicotine craving. This keeps your nicotine addiction going but at least gets rid of the cancer causing smoke.

Remember: You are far too smart to smoke!

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