Why I’m a Fitbit fan!

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My friends at ZebraHealth gave me a Fitbit a few months ago and while I had heard of Fitbits, I was not overly impressed at first. It’s a little device you put in your pocket or wear on your belt. When you pick it up in the morning it gives you a little message of encouragement, “I like U”, “It’s on” “You Rock”, etc. You actually grow to like these little messages. It also tells you the time, steps you’ve taken, distance you covered, floors you climbed and calories burned. Not bad.

Over the last 50 years our daily exertion has plummeted as society has evolved. We are no longer hunters and gatherers, we are sedentary office workers and machines gather up our food and deliver it to stores for us. It is easy to be lazy and complacent. Our bodies have not evolved to be this inactive and sedentary diseases have risen. The common sedentary problems include high blood pressure, obesity and elevated cholesterol resulting in cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer. We have become a sit on our asses’ society.

I know that the best way to reduce blood pressure and increase metabolism is to get off the couch and start moving. It doesn’t have to be fast movement just movement. For me the Fitbit is a reminder of what I am doing and now I am more likely to walk up stairs rather than take an elevator. I no longer wait for a parking spot close to the sporting event or grocery store. I know my steps are counted and have seen a marked improvement in daily activities. My weight is dropping and I feel better. It really is a feel good device and I highly recommend the Fitbit. Please join me in getting off our rear-ends!

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